Dynamic .NET TWAIN 6.1 Released!

We are pleased to announce that version 6.1 is now available! Highlights of the new version: NEW Added GetBitmap method to convert an image to a Bitmap so that you can read a barcode from a Bitmap image in WPF applications. Added Rotate and FocusOnArea functionalities in the Dynamic .NET TWAIN built-in webcam User Interface….

How to Develop Web-Based Scanning Software for Mac

scanning software for Mac

It’s difficult to control locally-connected peripherals, particularly from a web browser. To facilitate controlling scanners from browsers, the possible options are ActiveX, Applet and browser extensions. However, the time and resources required to code such a solution from scratch is can be severely taxing. In this post we will show you how to instead use…

Happy Holidays 2015, from Dynamsoft

This year has been a big year for Dynamsoft. We implemented a lot of new features for our image scanning and version control software products. We also introduced Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader as a standalone SDK. Here are some highlights from 2015: Read More About Dynamsoft in 2015 Use Dynamic Web TWAIN in Chrome 42+ Dynamsoft’s…

Enable Barcode Scanning from Browsers on Android

[Updated] The content of the original post below is obsolete. To decode barcodes in browsers, check out Dynamsoft Barcode JavaScript Edition. How to turn an Android phone into a barcode scanner? You can either implement the barcode recognition on the client side or the server side. In this article, we are introducing a sample which…

What makes our customers entrust their documents with Dynamic Web TWAIN?

As a browser-based document imaging SDK, Dynamic Web TWAIN is integrated into various workflows where scanning is an important step. A great portion of the scanned documents contains confidential and critical information, making security a top priority when selecting an image capture solution. Over the last 10+ years, Dynamic Web TWAIN has been chosen by…

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