The Comprehensive Guide to 1D and 2D Barcode Types

barcode recognition

The use of barcode technology has proven itself for decades to be a great way to conduct and manage data entry, information tracking, for improving operational efficiency and reducing clerical and data errors. As a result, more and more applications and systems managers seek to use barcodes. However, once you head into choosing a barcode,…

Build a Web Page to Scan Documents to PDF in Just 5 Minutes

If you are developing a web application that will require the capability to deal with different digital file formats, chances are PDF will be a must-have file format. PDF is short for Portable Document Format. Long ago introduced by Adobe, this format allows you to take care of the design of a document no matter…

How to Create an Online Barcode Scanner Application in JavaScript and HTML

To learn how to create an online barcode scanner application in JavaScript and HTML, please refer to the developer guide below:  

10 Rules for Evaluating Web TWAIN Components – for 2015 and Beyond

In 2011, we published a great article called 10 Rules for Evaluating Web TWAIN Components. It helped many software developers with understanding their scanning project needs and getting perspective to evaluate TWAIN SDKs for web applications. But, quite a few things have changed since 2011. Quite a few. Since 2011, the TWAIN standard has been updated…

Document Scanning — TWAIN, WIA, ISIS or SANE

Document Scanning — TWAIN, WIA, ISIS or SANE

Document scanning functionality is a critical component for a software developer building a website, content management system, or office automation system. There are several different scanning drivers in the market: TWAIN, WIA, ISIS and SANE. Naturally, you may be confused as to what is the best solution for you. TWAIN, WIA, ISIS and SANE, are all…

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