Enhanced PAN QR Code

QR Code on PAN Card

A PAN card is a laminated card containing the Permanent Account Number, a unique identifier issued by the Indian Income Tax Department to an individual or a business entity. PAN is a ten-character alphanumeric code, which is assigned under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.  In 2018, the Indian Income Tax Department updated the design…

Barcoding and Blockchain Set to Revolutionize Retail

Barcoding and Blockchain Set to Revolutionize Retail

The North American produce market is undergoing a massive product traceability process redesign to dramatically improve produce safety for consumers. The proposed changes involve redefining what and how barcode data is used as well as an effort to introduce blockchain technology for produce traceability. Food recalls have been on the rise in the US over…

From Text Recognition to Data Control

From Text Recognition to Data Control

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps users capture and recognize text information from images. However, basic OCR technology cannot meet the growing requirement for data control, meaning that in some complex scenarios, we may need to extract critical data from a specified region. Dynamsoft has developed some new extraction technologies powered by Dynamsoft Label Recognition SDK…

Lee Valley Launches Innovative Contactless Shopping Capability with the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader JavaScript SDK

Lee Valley and Dynamsoft Case Study

The Dynamsoft Barcode Reader adds an additional layer of safety against COVID-19 for in-store shopping experience OTTAWA, ON, Oct. 1, 2020 /CNW/ – Lee Valley Tools is taking its in-store COVID-19 precautions a step further with the launch of a new mobile shopping tool, which incorporates the JavaScript edition of the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader.  Integrated with Lee Valley’s website, LeeValley.com, the…

[Case Study]Multinational Company Builds Automotive Measurements Application Using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

This company is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs nearly half a million people worldwide. Operations include vehicular and industrial technology solutions. It operates in more than 50 countries. This includes employing more than 25,000 software engineers. A division within the company was developing an application mainly used in the automotive…

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