A Comprehensive Guide to Capture Images from Webcam in JavaScript

web twain webcam

A webcam allows users to capture images and video streams in real-time. It is usually built into a laptop or physically connected to a computer via a USB port. Webcams can be used in many scenarios, including video conference calls, face recognition, security surveillance, computer vision. How to Access a Webcam via your Browsers? HTML5…

How to Scan Documents in PHP Applications

php dynamic web TWAIN

How to interact with TWAIN scanners in a PHP Application PHP is a popular server-side language and it cannot interact with document scanners attached to client computers directly. With the continued growth of digitization of documents, scanning capabilities are important in PHP environments. To implement document scanning in your PHP web applications, you can use an…

How to Create a Fingerprint Scanner Software using C#

fingerprint scanner c#

Fingerprint authentication has been widely used for attendance and workforce management for its accuracy and ease of use. In more recent years, it has become a mechanism for identity management. To create a fingerprint scanner system, the first job would be to capture images of fingers from fingerprint scanners. However, many APIs  do not support all fingerprint devices….

Camera SDK | Turn a Web Camera into a Scanner

With Dynamsoft Camera SDK, developers can build a web application that enables a user to capture scanner-quality images with a webcam. The SDK does this by automatically detecting the border and then cropping the background. Users can also enhance the images by adjusting the brightness, contrast and other properties. After processing, images can be uploaded…

Create an Online Barcode Scanner Application with JavaScript

Why Develop an Online Barcode Scanner? Nowadays cloud services make application development easier. Resulting software can be deployed on various platforms including desktop, web, and mobile. However, as is becoming more evident, web-based applications are becoming more popular. As a developer, web-based application development is more lightweight and convenient. As an end-user, you don’t have…

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