Improve UPS Shipping Label Scans with Dynamsoft MaxiCode SDK

Improve UPS Shipping Label Scans with Dynamsoft MaxiCode SDK

With the release of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader (DBR) version 7.2, we are excited to announce added support for UPS MaxiCode. What is MaxiCode? MaxiCode is a two-dimensional code developed by United Parcel Service (UPS) in 1992. It is mostly used on shipping labels for addressing and sorting US domestic and international packages. MaxiCode symbols include…

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.2 Adds Support for GS1 Composite Symbology

dynamsoft gs1 composite

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.2 release date: Sep 24th In version 7.2, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader added support for several new symbologies. It introduces support for GS1 Composite barcode decoding, including all three types: A, B and C. In this post, we look at what is composite symbology and the different types of composite barcodes. What is…

How to Scan Documents in PHP Applications

php dynamic web TWAIN

How to interact with TWAIN scanners in a PHP Application PHP is a popular server-side language and it cannot interact with document scanners attached to client computers directly. With the continued growth of digitization of documents, scanning capabilities are important in PHP environments. To implement document scanning in your PHP web applications, you can use an…

How Barcode Scanning Apps are Revolutionizing the Farming Industry

How Barcode Scanning Apps are Revolutionizing the Farming Industry

Barcodes and agriculture are not new, but they continue to find new ways to work together. Thanks to mobile app developers and barcode scanning SDKs, farmers are using barcoding technology to improve efficiencies within the supply chain such as: Monitoring yields Handling fresh produce Improving communication Enforcing accountability In this post, we discuss some of…

Transform your Retail Store with a Mobile POS Barcode Scanning System

dynamsoft mobile pos barcode reader

With the ubiquity of smart devices such as phones and tablets, the adoption of mobile checkout terminals has exploded in recent years, offering retailers and consumers a new type of in-store shopping experience. According to a Global Market Insights report, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminals will continue to grow, reaching $55 billion by 2024. The main…

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