[Case Study] Business Micros Migrated to SourceAnywhere Version Control from VSS for Faster Remote Access

Last Updated on 2020-01-03

 Without SourceAnywhere, it’s easy to see we could have had far more significant collaboration difficulties amongst our software developers, possibly for a long time to come. Instead, SourceAnywhere empowers us with efficient and secure collaboration processes. We regularly leverage its core capabilities in remote access, easy reviewing of code history and much more. We’re fortunate to have come across Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere so conveniently”  

— Graeme Bailey, Managing Director, Business Micros

Business Micros has been a software development shop out of Scotland since the late 1970s. It has a strong focus of providing software development and related services for all levels of the manufacturing industry. Its flagship Evolution software allows organizations to efficiently manage complex office systems and factory management processes. The software covers a plethora of required capabilities: reporting, purchasing and stock control, document scanning and management, barcode scanning, dispatch, customer relations, production, staffing and more. For years, Business Micros used Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe (VSS) to help manage source code development and projects. But, as the need for remote access for developers grew, the software’s limitations grew more obvious. Business Micros’ programmer teams soon found the source control software didn’t provide reliable offsite access. A new solution had become paramount to find. Business Micros was instantly lucky. The team started with a quick online search for a newer source control software solution. Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere version control application was the first hit. Business Micros immediately realized improvements in collaboration with software developers that required remote access. Today, SourceAnywhere is used daily by the company’s programmers for key features such as, remote access, source code reviews and changes, and more. Without such new functionalities, the team fully knew it could have had far more significant collaboration difficulties in the years ahead.


To continually improve its Evolution and other software solutions, Business Micros is always retooling applications with critical updates and enhancements. Over the years, the tools used to maintain a high level of quality in their software evolved. Today, extensive collaboration amongst software development teams is far more required. Therefore, keeping source code and project management information in a central location is important. It’s also important to regularly backup code and track changes in software development. More and more, Business Micros also needed to be able to have teams access the source code remotely. This was important due to some software developers being located beyond main office locations.

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