[Case Study] Record Tech Electronics Chooses Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere for Document Version Control

Last Updated on 2018-10-17

“Having been a developer myself for many years I really appreciate tools like SourceAnywhere,” said Abhinav Kumar, Head of Sales and Marketing. “It’s especially helpful when tools like this are so simple and easy to implement and use. I rate SourceAnywhere very highly because it quickly and significantly contributed to our productivity and efficiency.”

Record Tech Electronics, a provider of electronic sensors for measurement of mechanical quantities, had an established office since 1971. Recently, as the company grew, it started experiencing problems finding key documents when needed. Documents such as source code, product designs and more were spread across up to 50 desktops. Furthermore, any one desktop might have one version of a document while another might have had a new or older version. While the data was centralized to one office, it quickly became a dysfunctional process to finding the right resources when needed. Now, they had opened a new office 175 kilometers south of the main office. With staff starting work at the new location, collaboration and the proper use of the right versions of documents became more difficult. The company had to quickly find a document revision control solution or risk continuing losing time, resources and money wasted on hours each month looking for documents or recreating ones that couldn’t be found. It found a cost-effective, simple to use, source control solution in Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere. The benefits were immediately obvious.


The Roorkee location was experiencing growth and as a result was suddenly enduring document management problems that were hindering collaboration and productivity. With the addition of the Ghaziabad location, Record Tech Electronics quickly went from operating with fragmented document systems and resources to a totally decentralized state. The consistency of documents, or their revision number, became even more difficult to track. And, with the new location, seamless access to data and other resources between the two locations has become critical.


Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere was an instant hit. It looked similar to but more modern than VSS. It also quickly proved easy to use. In addition, while getting SourceAnywhere up and running, Record Tech found Dynamsoft’s support and sales team to be very responsive and attentive to all the company’s needs. It also helps that, based on previous experience with SourceSafe, Record Tech estimates SourceAnywhere runs 10 times faster.

SourceAnywhere is a source control solution by Dynamsoft and as of last year, you can download one from ITTSystems.com and it will come specifically designed as a VSS replacement. Using Microsoft SQL Server as the backend, it is a simple yet robust version control and document management tool that satisfies the needs of both local and remote teams. It’s provided as an on-premise or hosted solution.

It features enhanced 128-bit SSL and Blowfish encryption for data transfers and storage. It boasts a unique caching mechanism to significantly improve remote connection speeds and compression for data transfers and storage. It’s also provided as a Java client and Windows client. This enables server access from any platforms supporting Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), such as Linux, Mac, Solaris, etc.

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