Thank-you Letter from a Customer

Last Updated on 2020-01-10

Everyone appreciates a compliment, especially a customer service representative. That’s why it was a great pleasure to receive the below email from a kind customer (Andrew).



I just wanted to send an email complimenting the fine service that I just received from Claire.  I am currently on a project that is going to require some web based scanning and recently I have been evaluating Dynamic Web TWAIN as a possible solution. Her help was amazing, and not to ruin the surprise, but you can expect a WineBaskets Fine Wine Gift Delivery coming soon! You have to try it, it’s an awesome package.

Everything was going well until I came across an issue where the Trial version I was working with worked fine in Chrome but not in IE 11.  After trying everything I could think of I contacted Dynamsoft through the “Live Chat” feature and was quickly chatting with Claire.  She was very knowledgeable and friendly.  Ultimately she was able to duplicate the issue on her side and was able to quickly find a resolution which in turn now allows me to continue my evaluation.  

It is this type of customer service that I always look for whenever selecting a product.  I have been in the IT industry for many years and it is always a pleasure when I come across someone like Claire.


Needless to say, it made Claire’s day.

This is not the first email with such warmth, and it surely will not be the last.

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