[Case Study] Leverage .NET TWAIN SDK to Build a Full-Featured Scanning Module

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Last Updated on 2018-10-17

Brief Introduction

Eurorealm ™ Consultants Limited is a dynamic, progressive independent company providing innovative and cost effective information technology solutions to a wide range of successful companies throughout the UK, Europe and North America. Its Eadis.NET is a document management software that is ideal for distribution companies in need of a comprehensive digital document management solution.

The Need – A Easy-To-Use Yet Full-Featured .NET Scanning Component

Eurorealm offers its Eadis.NET document management software to a variety of customers in the distribution industry. Eadis.NET supports for sales, stock, bought, and general ledgers. In distribution management workflows, users need to access interactive purchase histories, linked documents, email logs, barcoding, order processing, payments etc. and users would rely on scanning as a key step of their workflow.

Eurorealm needed to ensure a full-featured scanning component as a part of Eadis.NET. It was essential to have a scanning module that is easy to use and has strong capabilities. A typical user might log in to Eadis.NET and find a supplier invoice or capture data by scanning in a document. It might then be saved locally, on a server, etc. It can then be conveniently and easily called up for additional tasking or processing.

The Solution – Dynamic .NET TWAIN Scanning SDK

The Eurorealm team has learned to leverage a variety of third party tools to more quickly and easily upgrade their application. They chose Dynamsoft’s Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK to build the .NET scanning component.

Dynamic .NET TWAIN is a TWAIN scanning SDK for .NET applications. It’s ideal for developers to use in creating image capture and processing functionalities within .NET-based document management applications. This includes image capture from scanners and webcams, barcode reading, PDF annotation and rasterizing, and OCR. It has built-in support for Windows Forms (WinForms) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
Learn more about Dynamic .NET TWAIN

The Benefits – Reduced Development Time and Costs

By using Dynamsoft’s SDK, Eurorealm realized a significant reduction in development time and costs. They was able to integrate the scanning component in a few weeks rather than many months. Besides saving development costs, the company also saved on costs for long-term technical support as Dynamsoft provides this for the scanning component. Dynamsoft’s SDK also helps ensure the application’s stability, speed, ease of use, and provides an elegant and a current user interface.
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