[Case Study]GESA Credit Union Improves Customer Data Capture Efficiency and Reduces Hardware Use Requirements with Dynamic Web TWAIN

GESA Credit Union chooses DWT

Last Updated on 2021-03-30

Gesa Credit Union is based in Washington state and has around 700 employees serving more than 260,000 members worldwide. The credit union was using separate scanner devices for common data capture for the banking systems and their CRM application. To remove duplication of effort and improve productivity, a team was put together to consider technology to consolidate usage to a single scanner. To save on development time and costs, the team found and used Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK.

As part of servicing customers, Gesa Credit Union employs Salesforce.com, a customer relationship management (CRM) application, which they have customized with a third-party vendor solution. A CRM is essentially software or an online application to help manage a business’s relationship with customers. The issue was the CRM application and scanner did not support the workstation and scanner used for their core banking system. Nor did the banking system software and devices support the CRM application.

As an alternative to building the functionality, they determined a software development kit (SDK) could be used to integrate the multiple scanning processes. In their search for a document scanning SDK, GESA Credit Union came across Dynamsoft and their Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK. After some additional research and a 30-day free trial of the SDK, the team knew they had found their solution. The Dynamsoft technical support team worked with the GESA Credit Union team and their development partner to assist with a successful deployment.

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