[Case Study] How SourceAnywhere Works as VSS Replacement

Last Updated on 2018-10-17

VSS replacement - SourceAnywhere

Service Partners Finds the Modern VSS-Like Replacement It Needed in Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere Version Control Software

The requirement – a document storage system to replace the out of date VSS

The development staff at Service Partners had used VSS software to keep track of the source-code from various in-house and third-party supporting products. Other important documents that included spreadsheets, Access DBS and more, were being stored (and occasionally ‘versioned’ with multiple copies) only in the network shared disk storage. Here multiple document versions were in ad hoc named-folder structures within the file system.

The IT staff managing this system was looking for a document storage system that would be a replacement for the out of date VSS software. It also needed to be robust enough to provide storage and versioning for the non-technical staff’s documents. They too wanted the replacement to have a more reliable backend using a SQL Server database, and be easy to install, use, and maintain.

Service Partners started with a set of requirements and searched for a suitable product. These requirements included that the software:

  • Have A Centralized SQL Server Repository
  • Be Completely Safe And Secure
  • Keep Individual Departments’ Documents Isolated From Others
  • Be Easy To Use – Especially For Non-Technical Users (Accountants, Business Analysts, Etc.)
  • Be Easy To Maintain
  • Be Able To Import Existing VSS Database(s)

TFS vs. SourceAnywhere

Among the candidate software packages they had demonstrated for them was Microsoft’s TFS and Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere. They found TFS to be too complex for the non-technical users who were to use it, too costly in man-hours to install and manage, and the demo mostly emphasized features not needed at Service Partners. So, the attention centered on Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere solution. The team was given a thorough and informative demo during which many of their questions were answered.

SourceAnywhere as a Visual SourceSafe Replacement

Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere version control software is specifically designed as a more powerful Visual SourceSafe (VSS) replacement. It’s relatively easy to use, easy to install, has a minimal learning curve, and doesn’t focus on capabilities unneeded at Service Partners. It was essentially the modern “VSS-like” replacement the team needed, but better.
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