[Case Study] How to Build a Ticket Processing Application within Hours

Last Updated on 2020-01-03

Create a Web Scanning Module Rapidly by Using Dynamic Web TWAIN Scanning SDK


Serget is a traffic engineering company specializing in providing signaling and road safety services, monitoring and surveillance electronics, fines management (data processing) and ITS (intelligent transport systems).

Serget provides the Promult data processing system for processing ticket fines by government agencies. Part of this process involves scanning documents, from tickets to ID cards and photos. The end goal is to streamline paperwork by converting them to digital documents.

To accomplish this application, the Serget team tasked four of its developer employees to come up with a solution. Right away, they knew that using a software development kit (SDK) for the scanning component would be paramount. The team couldn’t spend a year learning and then programming for necessary standards and technologies. The time consumed for in-house development would also be compounded by the fact the application needed to ensure cross browser-based online scanning.

The chosen path proved correct. Once the team quickly found an imaging SDK, total development time to add the scanning module took just three hours. The chosen SDK was Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN. Today, the application functions essentially as a high-performance website with database connections. It has built-in scanning capabilities thanks to the Dynamsoft SDK.

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