[Case Study]Notarius uses Dynamsoft DBR to provide Legally Valid and Verifiable Documents

Last Updated on 2021-01-20

Notarius provides solutions to create legally reliable electronic documents using eSignature and trusted digital identities. They also provide simple ways to validate the document’s reliability, both electronic or printed.

Notarius’ application works by accepting a scanned PDF with a barcode (PDFs are converted to high-resolution images), or an image of a barcode. The application then extracts the barcode data, validates the signature, and shows the digitally signed key data of the document.

Upon thorough research, Notarius found Dynamsoft DBR and began with a free 30-day trial. After the choice had been made, Notarius began to integrate Dynamsoft Barcode Reader into their existing solution. They were delighted by its ease of integration, which was done in one day. Working with the QA team, the Dev team spent a few months testing the app and priming it for commercial release.

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