[Case Study] How to Stream Web-Based Tax Document Scanning

Last Updated on 2021-03-23

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Our main goal in processing of excise duty and VAT refund applications was to make the process of document management easier, faster and secure for us and our clients. Thanks to Dynamsoft’s SDK, we optimized that process.” Rafał Sumiński, Owner, Tax Solution

Tax Solution, based in Rybnik is a small business focused on providing services related to VAT and Excise refunds within the EU. To speed up concluding VAT-refund requests, Tax Solution had built its own web application, which had a core need to make the processing of documents easier, faster and secure. Tax Solution knew from the start it would be better for them to use a well-developed, tested solutions and libraries for the scanning component.

Fortunately, a friend referred Tax Solution to Dynamsoft, a vendor of the document scanning SDK they needed. Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK has a lot of features and Tax Solution leaned on the company to ensure expectations for its implementation and use were met.

The Tax Solution web application for processing VAT refunds went through beta testing, which was successfully completed in Q1 2018. Now fully deployed, it is essential for processing VAT refunds across the EU. The scan component at the core of the application helps ensure efficient document capture and management for a streamlined workflow.

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