How Dynamsoft’s Web TWAIN SDK Used for Bank Document Scanning

Last Updated on 2020-09-03

Web TWAIN for Bank Document Imaging

THE DEVELOPMENT TASK – Scan Bank Documents

In business for over 15 years, Avanza Solutions provides e-Business and e-Banking solutions to more than 300 clients in over 45 countries. Award-winning solutions include web and software applications for self-service banking and transaction processing, customer service and experience, and business automation and collaboration.

One such application is the company’s Unison CRM solution for banking. This is an enterprise-wide web-based application used by banks for several key capabilities. It provides customer interaction management and integrates with a bank’s legacy systems.Many firms are providing good dynamics 365 services.

One key component of this application is to provide automation of manual document workflows related to customer transactions. This includes anything from statements to general customer communications. E-form management was seen as crucial to delivering a total banking CRM solution. In many cases, regulations call for paper-based documents to be digitally scanned and maintained, whether for basic records-keeping or audits. Avanza Solutions required a robust and simple document scanning module for its Unison CRM application.


After researching SDKs, Avanza Solutions settled on Dynamsoft to get that function off-the-shelf. Five Unison team members, from Avanza Solutions, were involved in deciding upon the SDK and integrating it with the Unison CRM application.

Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK provides developers a simple way to deliver a TWAIN scanning module in a web application so they need write just a couple of lines of code in JavaScript. This is instead of taking months to learn the TWAIN standard. Then many more months would be required to develop an application with hundreds to thousands of lines of code. A finished application gives users key features for document scanning, uploading, editing, and document management within web browsers. The SDK has built-in support for local image editing and saving options to a variety of formats. Documents can be saved to local or remote databases or other repositories. It supports 32-bit / 64-bit Internet Explorer® (IE), Firefox®, Chrome®, Safari® and Opera® browsers on Windows® & Mac® OS X.


Building a document scanning module would have taken a month’s time but with Dynamsoft’s SDK it was only a matter of integrating it with the Unison application. So, the SDK saved immense time. It also saved on immense additional development costs and technical support costs. Application expansion plans are in the works and the Avanza Solutions team is confident Dynamsoft’s SDK will seamlessly scale as needed.

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