[Case Study] Winnebago County Uses Dynamsoft’s Dynamic .NET TWAIN to Deliver an Effective Document Management System

Last Updated on 2020-08-06

About Winnebago County

Winnebago County is a county in Wisconsin with around 165,000 in population. It is known for the lakes and for support of key industries. It is also known for the outstanding education opportunities that includes the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh.

The county processes a lot of paperwork for the community and local government. This is to provide a rich set of programs needed by citizens. Like a lot of agencies worldwide, the county is looking to reduce costs and waste, and improve efficiencies in our document process by using digital document management system. The county has roughly 1,200 employees that would use or benefit from a document management application.

Challenge – Building the Document Imaging Portion

The county put together a team to help develop the application. People from various departments were involved: human services, planning and zoning, gis departments, to name a few.

The biggest obstacle the team met in making this document management application was in the key component – the document imaging portion. It had to be able to run in a 32 bit and 64 bit environment. Building it would have taken many more months or a year or longer.

The team went through a lot of research, trial and error, and testing of various open source solutions for the imaging part. Then they decided the imaging part was too critical – it had to be a managed solution by industry experts in document image capture. This is when they came across Dynamsoft’s ready-made Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK.

The Solution

Out of the box, Winnebago County found Dynamsoft’s Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK met their needs. This included easy implementation to support mixed 32 and 64 bit environments. It allowed all the document storage and retrieval requirements they had envisioned.

Dynamic .NET TWAIN is ideal for developers to use in creating image capture and processing functionalities within .NET-based document management applications. This includes image capture from scanners and webcams. It has built-in support for Windows® Forms (WinForms) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

The SDK also provides add-ons to support the use of barcodes, optical character recognition (OCR), and PDF formats. Dynamsoft’s SDK provides a plethora of other built-in capabilities. Customizable scanning configurations are offered and include ADF; duplex; resolution; pixel type; and more. It also enables saving images into a variety of formats that include JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, BMP and byte array to a local disk, web server, database or document libraries.

Dynamic .NET TWAIN, the TWAIN and DirectShow Webcam Capture wrapper library, are based on Microsoft’s .NET framework and are optimized for use in C# and Visual Basic .NET.

The Benefits

Now the application’s users primarily use it to process single documents or batches of documents. The application lets them capture, store, edit and retrieve public and confidential information to do their job more efficiently.

The use of Dynamsoft’s SDK saved the county a lot of time, money and headaches during the development of document imaging. A maintenance agreement helps support the imaging portion of the application, whether it be for technical issues or to upgrade things down the road.

The county found it was a game-changer to use the Dynamsoft SDK. The Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK not only provided them with instant results, it will help save time, money and many headaches for years to come. It has helped the county deliver a document management application that truly makes their users more productive.

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