How to Enable Barcode Scanning from Mobile Browsers

You got a requirement to enable web-based barcode scanning for your mobile users. You don’t want to do it via an app since it requires extra effort for both users and developers. You want to enable users to read barcodes from your website via the camera of a mobile phone or tablet. How to do…

How to Choose a Barcode Reader SDK

choose barcode reader sdk

If you’re tasked with implementing barcode technology for an application, you’re likely to have a lot of questions and requirements. This post provides a practical look at some key considerations. It addresses common questions and requirements developers might have when considering a barcode reader SDK. The Importance of Barcode Scanning Accuracy Unreadable barcodes are eventually…

[Webinar] How to Implement Online Document Scanning and Uploading in 5 Minutes

[Webinar] How to Implement Online Document Scanning and Uploading in 5 Minutes

Do you want users to interact with document scanners from a web application and enable them to scan and upload documents from any browser or platform, but you’re short on time or resources? We’ve got a solution. On Wednesday, Sept. 5th, at 1 PM PST, Donna Wang, a Dynamsoft solutions consultant will show you how to…

Best Barcode Reader SDK for Any Complicated Use Cases

You may need to deal with complicated cases when reading barcodes, such as blurred images, damaged barcodes, small-size, distorted, or overexposed images, multiple barcodes etc. Dynamsoft’s barcode reader SDK aims to help you deal with the most complicated barcode cases with advanced image pre-processing and barcode decoding techniques. Watch the video below and see how Dynamsoft…

Reading Barcodes with Webcam in OpenCV and Python

Barcode is an efficient way to make information readable for machines. There are many scenarios of using Barcode reader software. For example, companies use Barcode encoding and decoding software to manage various documents that captured by office scanners. Airport security uses handheld scanners to check the boarding pass and record personal information to the database….

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