Develop a Multi-Channel Capture Solution with Dynamic Web TWAIN

Last Updated on 2021-02-01

Capture scanned documents, webcam images and electronic images
with one imaging SDK

The need for multi-channel capture has been growing because of a need to increase workforce efficiency and better serve customers. As a result, today, businesses need a capture solution which enables them to have a single point of access to all their vital business data. The inbound content can be from paper or electronic sources.

There are basic steps required to maximize workflow efficiency in multi-channel document capture. For paper documents, the first step would be to digitize them via scanning or webcam capture. For digital content, you need to somehow directly integrate it into business processes. However, according to recent AIIM research, “40% of those polled are dealing with multi-channel inbound content in an ad-hoc manner between paper and electronic information. And, 36% indicate they print their electronic inbound information and process it as paper.” multichannel capture

Source: AIIM

It seems many businesses don’t have a proper content capture solution in place to maximize integration of multi-channel content. In this post, we will introduce how to use Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK to help you quickly and easily implement a web-based capture solution which can:

  • Scan paper documents
  • Capture camera and webcam images
  • Load images from local disk or remote server
  • Load PDF documents

You can then save the captured images as PDF, TIFF, PNG, JEPG to local disk, web server or document repository. Or you can save the image data into base64 string or blob and integrate into your business workflow.

Web-Based Multichannel Capture Solution – Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a browser-based document imaging SDK. It provides simple JavaScript APIs of TWAIN, SANE, and ICA which enables you to quickly develop a cross-browser cross-platform document scanning module. Coupled with its imaging add-ons, you can also capture images from webcams and load PDF documents.
Learn more about Dynamic Web TWAIN>

Capture Paper Documents

With Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK, you can scan and digitalize paper documents from TWAIN scanners on Windows, SANE scanners on Linux, TWAIN and ICA scanners on macOS.

Webcam Capture

You can capture images from TWAIN-compatible cameras with Dynamic Web TWAIN. Also, you can use our Dynamsoft Camera SDK so you can capture images from UVC-compatible webcams as well.

Import Existing Images

The Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK supports loading and viewing a variety of image types which include JPEG, PNG, BMP, and single-page and multi-page Tiff and PDF image files. You can load the images on local or remote disk. You can also load a DIB image from clipboard or load images from base64 binary.

PDF Rasterizer

There is also a PDF rasterizer add-on with which you can convert vector PDF files (single-page or multi-page) into raster images.

Try out an online demo

Do you have any plans for implementing a multi-channel capture solution? Any questions about it? Please feel free to leave your comments below or contact us directly for inquiries on the SDK.

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