Dynamic Web TWAIN vs. ImageCapture Suite

Last Updated on 2018-10-10


Both Dynamic Web TWAIN and ImageCapture Suite are web-based image capture SDKs from Dynamsoft. Dynamic Web TWAIN was first released in 2003. Since then it has been chosen by thousands of customers including Lockheed Martin, HP, IBM, Shell, etc. Based on the TWAIN specification, Dynamic Web TWAIN is mostly used with scanners. In the past few years, we received many requests from our customers for a similar control for webcams. Therefore we introduced Dynamic Webcam SDK in 2012 which has almost the same feature set as Dynamic Web TWAIN but was meant for webcams. After that, a few of our customers asked us to support both scanners and webcams in their web applications. With that thought in mind, our R&D team worked out ImageCapture Suite, which is a browser-based TWAIN & DirectShow Webcam Capture SDK.

Main differences between the two imaging SDKs

  Dynamic Web TWAIN ImageCapture Suite
Specification TWAIN 2.1 TWAIN2.1, USB Video Class (UVC), WIA
Supported devices TWAIN compatible Scanners, digital cameras, etc. TWAIN compatible scanners and other imaging devices; UVC/WIA compatible webcams
Available imaging add-ons 1D & 2D Barcode Readers, OCR
Online demo Document Scanning, Edit & Save (ASP.NET, C#) Image capture from scanners/webcams, process and upload (ASP.NET, C#)

For more details, you can visit this Dynamsoft’s Imaging SDKs comparison page.

How to upgrade from Dynamic Web TWAIN to ImageCapture Suite?


ImageCapture Suite provides two acquisition modules – a Scanner Module and a Scanner+Webcam Module. If you only need support for TWAIN scanners, the Scanner Module is enough. And your current Dynamic Web TWAIN licenses (if any) are compatible with ImageCapture Suite. Otherwise, you can contact sales[at]dynamsoft.com to upgrade your license.

Meanwhile, if you need a 1D/2D barcode Reader or an OCR SDK for your web application, you can purchase the corresponding licenses here.

Code Update

For the code updates needed for you to migrate your application from using Dynamic Web TWAIN to ImageCapture Suite, you can refer to this KB article.

If you have any questions regarding the two imaging SDKs and the migration process, please feel free to leave your comment below or e-mail support[at]dynamsoft.com.





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