Dynamsoft offers Web-based Scanning SDK

Last Updated on 2018-10-10

Document Imaging Report talked about Dynamsoft’s TWAIN SDK in it’s Aug. 2013 newsletter. 

Sandbox functionality improves performance

Dynamsoft is a company that provides TWAIN software development kits (SDK) and other SDKs to vastly simplify the development and deployment of image acquisition and document management applications. The SDKs enable developers or IT to create these apps using just a few lines of code. This is instead of needing to code hundreds of lines from scratch and also spending months learning the TWAIN and other standards.

The kits include Dynamic Web TWAIN and ImageCapture Suite. Dynamic Web TWAIN enables IT or developers to deploy a plugin on users’ browsers to enable document scanning from any TWAIN-based scanning devices. ImageCapture Suite expands on these features. It is a robust SDK for developing online image acquisition and document management web applications. It interacts with both scanners and webcams. The SDKs support all mainstream browsers: 32-bit and 64-bit Internet Explorer (IE); Firefox; Chrome; Safari®; and Opera.

Sandbox Performance
A key distinguishing feature of the SDKs is the use of Sandbox. Sandbox enables using an independent process to communicate with imaging devices, in place of the browser. It separates the browser use function from the scanning function. With this separation, security is increased. Sandbox separation allows each process (the browser and scanning) to run in controlled resources. This also enhances performance, stability, and compatibility. The sandbox process enables the SDKs to work well with literally all TWAIN scanners.

Dynamsoft’s SDKs enable basic editing functions for captured documents. They include rotate; crop; mirror; flip; erase and more. Captured documents can be saved to local or network storage as BMP; JPEG; PNG; TIFF or PDF files. The kits are also offered with barcode or optical character recognition (OCR) add-ons. These add-ons can be important as the use of barcode and OCR continue to grow.  The barcode enables 1D/2D detection and decoding. The OCR add-on can be embedded into a .NET or web application to enable accurate OCR functionality.

Dynamsoft also provides version control/source control software solutions to enable efficient version-based document management. This product is SourceAnywhere, available as a hosted service or as an enterprise installation. It provides a cost-effective alternative to similar tools.

The company solutions are provided with award-winning technical support. Support options include a knowledge base; forum; chat; email; phone and more. Dynamsoft is an associate member of the TWAIN Working Group that develops TWAIN standards. It is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Hundreds of companies have used Dynamsoft’s document management solutions. They include BMW; HP; HSBC; IBM; Intel; Johnson & Johnson; Nokia; Samsung; and many more. Dynamsoft’s solutions are ideal in any industry where heavy document management tasks are crucial to operations. This is whether it’s an organization transitioning to digital documents or one already managing existing digital documents. Founded in 2003, the company is based in Vancouver, Canada and has technical operations throughout China. Most of Dynamsoft’s products can be purchased, downloaded, trialed or demonstrated at the website, www.dynamsoft.com.

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