How to use DWT Plugin in Chrome 32 and above

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Starting from Jan 1st 2014, new Chrome versions have stopped running the NPAPI plugin automatically. Google’s plan is for Chrome to stop supporting NPAPI altogether by the end of 2014.

Currently, the setting of plugins, as shown in figure 1, is still “Run automatically” by default.

chrome plugin

Figure 1

Even though currently when we access the online demo of Dynamic Web TWAIN, Chrome will automatically show a permission popup. Only if allow the permission, the plugin can work normally (figure 2).

 chrome popup

Figure 2

You have to click “Always run on this site” if you will frequently visit the site. Alternatively, you can manually add the site to Chrome settings: Settings -> Privacy -> Content settings -> Plug-ins -> Manage exceptions. See figure 3.

Figure 3

What if we set setting of Plug-ins “Block all”? We presume that Google will set “Block all” by default in mid-2014. Users will see a puzzle piece in place of the plug-in and a “Blocked plug-in” page action icon in the Omnibox. See figure 4 and figure 5. It will be harder to make a plugin work.

 chrome omnibox

Figure 4

chrome block

Figure 5

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