Why Dynamsoft Camera SDK?

Last Updated on 2020-11-05

Dynamsoft Camera SDK made its debut last week. With the webcam API, software developers can integrate image capture and embedded live video stream, image processing and webcam control into browsers. It is ideal in banking, hospital, government and other industries where convenient online image capture is essential.

Dynamsoft drew upon its experience in developing Dynamic Web TWAIN software components to develop the SDK. Here are some highlighted features:

  • The webcam library is based on the USB Video Class (UVC) API. It works with all UVC compatible webcams.
  • It’s also possible to capture a snapshot from a video stream.
  • The webcam SDK provides HTML5/JavaScript APIs. SDK integration is possible in applications like ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, PHP, VB.NET, and more. Check out the sample gallery.

As you may know, HTML5 provides an API, navigator.getUserMedia(), which allows web applications to access a user’s camera and microphone. You might be wondering why Dynamsoft introduced another plugin to support the similar features.

Below I listed several scenarios where Dynamsoft Camera SDK offers something that HTML5 does not have:

  • Users demand precise control over the webcam. Dynamsoft’s webcam API provides complete control over a camera, e.g., exposure, iris, auto focus, backlight compensation, brightness, saturation, sharpness, gamma, contrast, white balance temperature, and gain.
  • Developers want to perform advanced image enhancement after taking a snapshot. In the next release, the webcam SDK will be more than just video and image capture. Some advanced image cleanup features will be introduced, such as auto border detection, noise removal, de-skew, perspective correction and more. This enables your application to turn a camera photo into a scanner-quality image.
    Image cleanup makes further image processing tasks easier, e.g., improving accuracy and performance for barcode recognition and OCR.
    [update: The document detection and auto crop feature was implemented in v6.0 (released on 7/27/2017).]
  • Applications need compatibility with old version browsers. Dynamsoft’s webcam SDK is compatible with all mainstream browsers. This includes 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Internet Explorer® (IE), Firefox®, Chrome™, Safari® and Opera™.
  • Users need image uploading after capturing. Dynamsoft’s webcam library supports uploading specified images to an HTTP(s) server, either in sync or async mode.



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