How to Use the Dynamic Web TWAIN Scanning SDK in Chrome 42+

Last Updated on 2018-10-08

Google announced the release of Chrome 42 on April 14. One change in the new version is that it now blocks NPAPI plug-ins by default. Users of Dynamic Web TWAIN can run into a problem when using our TWAIN plug-in for document scanning in this newest versions of Chrome.

Users might get alerts like “This site uses a plugin that will soon be unsupported” or “This site uses a plugin that is unsupported.” when accessing web site that uses Dynamic Web TWAIN Plugin.

So, how do you now use Dynamic Web TWAIN in Chrome 42 or above? There are two options:

1. Use the HTML5 edition of Dynamic Web TWAIN (recommended).
2. Manually enable NPAPI in Chrome settings to use the Dynamic Web TWAIN Plugin (temporary workaround).

Using the HTML5 Edition of Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN HTML5 Edition for Chrome

After learning that Google was phasing out support of the NPAPI plugin in Chrome, Dynamsoft did a lot of analysis. As a result, we developed a HTML5 edition of Dynamic Web TWAIN for users to embed document scanning in post-NPAPI Chrome. With the HTML5 edition, you can access scanners from Chrome with the new Web TWAIN JavaScript libraries without the need to install a plugin.

Manually Enabling NPAPI Plugin Use in Chrome 42

First, it’s important to note that there are clear reasons for the dropping of NPAPI support. They can be read here. For these reasons and more (keep reading to the end), we also recommend considering an upgrade today to Dynamic Web TWAIN V10.2, the HTML5 Edition. That said, here is what you can do now to continue using NPAPI-based plugins.

Google provides a setting for you to turn on NPAPI in Chrome 42. So you can still use the Dynamic Web TWAIN plugin by enabling the setting. Learn how to here>>

However, please note Google is planning to completely remove NPAPI support in September 2015. So, for those who need document scanning in Chrome, it’s highly recommend that you upgrade before September to the HTML5 edition of Dynamic Web TWAIN.

Let us know by email or in the comments if you have any questions regarding document scanning in Chrome.

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