Why Dynamic Web TWAIN is ideal for VARs of Document Imaging Solutions?

Last Updated on 2018-10-10

Are you looking at developing a web-based document imaging solution and not sure which SDK to use? Dynamic Web TWAIN would be the ideal option for you. It is a browser ActiveX/Plugin which allows users to scan documents from TWAIN compatible scanners, cameras, capture cards etc. via Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Windows, macOS or Linux.

Dynamic Web TWAIN - Scan documents from TWAIN scanners in a web page


Dynamic Web TWAIN includes the following security features to help you win the trust of the users:

  • The ActiveX is digitally signed by VeriSign.
  • ActiveX Edition marked safe for initializing and scripting.
  • Sandbox security: independent scanning process to communicate with imaging devices.
  • Supports Windows Authentication, Forms Authentication and Basic Authentication.
  • Compatible with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and Protected Mode.
  • SSL support for HTTP uploading/downloading.

Rich Samples

Rich sample codes are provided to get you started with the development using the document imaging SDK quickly. With online demo application (HTML + JavaScript + C# + SQL Server), you can try out the basic features – acquire images from scanners or load existing images from your disk, edit and save the images to your local disk or server. More samples (C#, VB.NET, ASP, JSP, PHP etc.) are also available for downloading.

Good Customer Service

Dynamsoft is committed to providing efficient and friendly support for you to take fully advantage of SDK and help you implement and deploy document imaging in a timely manner. Phone, E-mail, Live Help, online meeting, and 1-on-1 demo services are available.

Save Time

Web TWAIN allows you to acquire images from scanners using a couple of lines of code. Meanwhile, it provides 3 editions – ActiveX, Plugin and Mac – which support all mainstream browsers on Windows and Mac OS X. You only need to develop one set of code to support different users’ needs.

[javascript]function acquireImage() {
DWObject.SelectSource(); // show the available TWAIN imaging devices
DWObject.IfShowUI = document.getElementById("ShowUI").checked; //hide/show the user interface of the scanner
DWObject.Resolution = document.getElementById("Resolution").value; //set resolution
DWObject.IfFeederEnabled = document.getElementById("ADF").checked; //scan from auto feeder or flatbed
DWObject.IfDuplexEnabled = document.getElementById("Duplex").checked; //duplex scan or not

DWObject.AcquireImage(); //acquire images


Use your Desired Language

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a client-side ActiveX/plugin and you can use JavaScript to call all its methods/properties/events. You can use your desired development language (C#, VB.NET, PHP, JSP or ASP) to upload or process the scanned images on the server side.

Easy Deployment

You can deploy the scanning SDK on any web server (Apache, IIS, NGINX etc.) on Windows, Linux or Unix. You can also deploy it in platforms like Citrix, SharePoint, Salesforce, Azure, Amazon EC2 etc.

Flexible Licensing

Several licensing types are available to satisfy your needs. Based on your situation, you can either choose Per Web Server or Royalty Free license. Cloud-based license is also available for deployment in cloud environment. Learn more

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