How to Capture Images Using Mobile Web Applications

Last Updated on 2020-07-08

Mobile devices have become an important source of data. On your website, you might want to enable users to capture images directly using a mobile camera, edit the images, and then upload the images to a server or database.

Starting with Dynamic Web TWAIN v16.0, Dynamsoft has extended the SDK to mobile platforms to help developers easily integrate document capture functionality into mobile web applications. Now users can capture images from their built-in camera and edit them in a web viewer on Android or iOS devices without installing any apps. The viewer allows users to manage the document uniformly across desktop and mobile editions.

Cross-platform Viewer

Highlights of the Mobile Edition

  • Capture images via a built-in mobile camera in the browsers listed below or load images from a local photo library
  • Edit the images in mobile browsers (e.g., rotate, crop, mirror, flip, erase)
  • Save and upload images as JPEG, PNG, TIFF (multi-page),  and PDF (multi-page) files
  • Download/upload images via HTTP/HTTPS
  • More features >

Supported Environments

Client-Side OSChrome v80+, Firefox v70+Android 10+
Client-Side BrowsersChrome v80+, Safari v13.1OS 13+, iPadOS 13+

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