[Deprecated]Convert PDF and JPG files to Microsoft Word / Excel

Mar 14, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Dynamsoft Document Capture service is now online! It is an online OCR (optical character recognition) hosting service which shows how to combine pdf files and image files to dozens of text formats. Here are some highlights of what you can do with the online conversion service:

  1. Convert image-over-text and image-based PDF documents to Microsoft Word
  2. Convert table images to Microsoft Excel, so that you can extract data from a form. Using this online converter, users are enabled to extract tabular data
    • If you have hard copy data, you can scan documents and pull data from scanned PDF files to Excel
    • If your spreadsheets data is digital, you can directly convert the image to Excel
  3. Scan documents and save as editable Word documents or pdf files
  4. Scan a book and save as searchable Kindle format or ePub

Sign up and recognize up to 25 pages free of charge. Try it Now ->

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