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Last Updated on 2018-10-10

Dynamsoft is releasing a new online OCR (optical character recognition) hosting service, Dynamsoft Document Capture, to Convert scanned images and pdf files to editable word document. Designed to automate information capture from scanned documents or existing PDFs, users are empowered to extract text for purposes of document management, records archive, etc.

Upon registration, you will be granted 25 page credits free of charge!

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Following are the highlights of Dynamsoft Document Capture.

Input files for OCR

  • Document scanning: Integrated with Dynamic Web TWAIN, you can scan documents, books, checks and other paper forms from TWAIN/SANE/ICA scanners;
  • Import local files: You can load pdf files and images from your local machine and upload them to Dynamsoft’s server for text recognition;

Output files for OCR

  • Convert to searchable PDFs: On top of regular pdf format, you can also create pdf/a files, which is suitable for archiving and long-term preservation. To further decrease the file size for storage, you can choose pdf with MRC (Mixed Raster Content), which is a compression technology to minimize the size of PDF and PDF/A files.
  • Convert image to text: Convert existing PDF and other images to editable text, such as RTF, Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint® presentations
  • Convert to eBooks: To scan a book and save it as a searchable document, please choose “ePub” in the output format list. Plus, the layout and formatting of books will be retained.
  • Convert to Excel®: This feature is useful for forms recognition. You will no longer need to retype the tabular data from scans.

Other Features

  • Language list: The website supports English and 119 other western languages as well as Arabic, Chinese simplified and traditional, Japanese and Korean (CCKJ).
  • Search text in the OCR result: After text recognition, users are enabled to search certain keywords for redaction or highlight.
  • Send documents to the cloud: The OCR results can be exported to the most popular cloud storage services, including Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive®.

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