Scan Documents from Chrome, Firefox, Safari & other browsers

Scan Documents from Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Acquiring Images from TWAIN Scanners via Chrome, Firefox and More Browsers using Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK


We have got a lot of requests from customers like the following:

I am developing a web based system that will use JavaScript/JQuery for the client-side and PHP for the server side. The system enables users to scan documents from a browser using the client side scanner, edit and then upload images to a database on the server. My users might use IE, Chrome, or Firefox. Where should I start?


To interact with scanners in a browser, you will need an ActiveX control (for IE), browser extension/plugin or HTML5 SDK (for  browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari etc.).

When choosing the scanner SDK, you will need to first decide the protocol for communicating with scanners. TWAIN is recommended when programming with scanners.

Cross-browser Scanner SDK

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a browser-based TWAIN scanning SDK which works with IE x86/x64, Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Dynamic Web TWAIN enables you to capture images from a scanner or load files from local or server disk. For the images in the TWAIN control, users can perform editing, such as rotation, cropping, etc., and finally upload to a remote database or save to local. Below is a simple illustration:

imaging SDK architecture

Dynamic Web TWAIN provides ActiveX control, plugin as well as an HTML5/JavaScript scan library to support scanner communication via all the mainstream browsers on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Dynamic Web TWAIN is:

  • Small: no C/C++ runtime library is used. Even with built-in JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF codec, the size of the CAB file is very small;
  • Fast: the core engine of the image processing part of Dynamic Web TWAIN is optimized with assembly language;
  • Easy to deploy: just copy the related resource files to your desired web server (IIS, IBM Notes, Websphere, Apache, and Tomcat on Windows, Linux or other platforms).

Related Imaging Add-ons:

Besides online document capture and upload, Dynamic Web TWAIN also provides multiple imaging add-ons to help you create a document management system.

  • webcam capture add-on for capturing images from UVC compatible webcams.
  • barcode reader add-on for barcode detection in web applications. With the barcode library, you can easily get 1D and 2D barcode info from scanned documents, IDs, or invoices.
  • PDF rasterizer for loading and viewing PDF documents.

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Need a Scanning SDK for .NET Desktop Application?

If you want to embed image capture, processing and upload features into your WinForms or WPF applications, Dynamic .NET TWAIN scanning component can satisfy your needs.

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