SourceAnywhere Standalone VS. Visual SourceSafe

When a VSS user first tries SourceAnywhere Standalone, he will find its interface and functions familiar and can get started right away easily. However, if we take a closer look, we’ll find there are a lot of differences between the two which make SourceAnywhere stand out.

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Visual SourceSafe

SourceAnywhere Standalone

  Designed for Local teams Local and distributed teams
  Architecture File system Client/Server
  1. Cache Server
  1. Database
File system SQL Server
  1. Transmission SSL encryption
  1. Password Policy
  1. Database Encryption
  1. Cache File Encryption
  1. Login Log
  1. IP & MAC Filter
  Cross platform support    
  1. Windows
  1. Mac
  1. Linux
  1. Any platform that SWT supports
  Source Control Features    
  1. Email Notification
  1. Shelve/Unshelve
  1. Pending Changes View
  1. Show Labels
  1. Annotate
  1. Local File Status
  1. Changeset Support
  1. Atomic Commit

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