Best Source Control Tool for Small Team and Solo Developer

Last Updated on 2018-10-10

“Besides Visual Studio, SourceAnywhere Standalone is the best software
investment I ever made.”
— Les Pinter, Microsoft MVP

SourceAnywhere is SQL Server based version control software designed for both local and distributed teams. It is the best version control system for small teams. If you are just looking for an easy source control system and worry open-source and powerful but complex source control software might be overkill, try SourceAnywhere.

Features and Advantages

1. Simple & pure version control

  • GUI Client – In addition to the Windows client, Java Client enables developers to version control the source code from Mac, Linux, and more. Command Line Client and SDK are also available.
  • Optimized for VSS users – The resembled user interface and working style greatly reduces your learning curve and makes you feel right at home.

2. Free for single user

  • SourceAnywhere is free for single developer. It’s a great option for  users like freelancer etc.

3. Easy installation and low maintenance

  • System requirement – Built with C++/Java from scratch, SourceAnywhere does not need any framework or other pre-installed package to run.
  • SQL Server as backup storage – SourceAnywhere uses SQL Server as the backup storage for robustness and easy backup. SourceAnywhere also supports SQL Server Express and LocalDB, which are free. LocalDB is included in the installer of SourceAnywhere Server. So you don’t need to set up an additional database to store your files.
  • Hosting service available – To completely free you from any maintenance work, we have SourceAnywhere Hosted, which is fully managed by Dynamsoft. We look after hardware and network setup, upgrades, backups and all other server side maintenance, so you can focus on other critical systems in your organization.

4. Fast source control for distributed or local team

  • Sophisticated cache mechanism on the server side reduces the hard disk operations and SQL Server requests;
  • Cache Server further reduces the workload of the server;

5. IDE integration  Visual Studio Eclipse Dreamweaver

  • SourceAnywhere supports source control integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 6/2003/2005/2008/2010/2012, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, SQL Server Management Studio and many other MSSCCI-compatible IDEs. Learn more

7. Auto Build
CruiseControl.NET Ant

  • SourceAnywhere revision control integrates with CruiseControl.NET and ANT to provide continuous integration and automatic build support.

8. VSS UI and working style

  • If you’re familiar with VSS you’ll be able to start using SourceAnywhere Standalone right away. Its familiar UI minimizes the learning curve so that you can get started in a matter of minutes.

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