Fast & Efficient Way to Version Control your Projects with SourceAnywhere

Last Updated on 2018-10-10

How to take advantage of SourceAnywhere to source control your projects and documents efficiently

Version control plays a big role in project management. With the growing businesses and expanding teams, developers require their version control tools to be faster and more reliable. And these are always features Dynamsoft focus on since we started developing our own version control tools in 2003.

In this article, I’ll introduce you the cache mechanism available in Dynamsoft’s version control tool – SourceAnywhere, and explain how it helps speeding up the overall performance.

Unique Cache Server

Cache Server coming with SourceAnywhere is an optional caching system designed for distributed teams. When a team member tries to get or check out a file through Cache Sever, the software will check the Cache Sever first and fetch the copy directly from it without any necessary to communicate with the server. This significantly speeds up the performance and in the meantime reduces the burdens of the server.

From my learning, SourceAnywhere is the only version control that provides the Cache Server.


From the figure below, you may notice that Cache Server is installed on the same LAN as the clients. For instance, if you have 20 developers in the USA (say this is where the server and database located) and 10 in India, you can install the Cache Server in India. This way, when a team member in India gets a project under SourceAnywhere for the first time, the copy will be cached in the Cache Server.  When the other members in India request the same project, SourceAnywhere will get it from the Cache Sever, no need to spend a lot time communicating with server located in the USA.

Other performance features

Besides the unique Cache Server, cache mechanism on the sever side, delta transfer, data compression, multi-thread file transfer and more are provided by SourceAnywhere for better performance. I’ll explain more in the future. And as always, any comments on the topic are welcome. 🙂

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