SourceAnywhere Server Installation Tips

Last Updated on 2018-10-10

SourceAnywhere Server can be installed on the same machine with its backend SQL Server database, or on a different machine in the same LAN.

In most scenarios, it is recommended to install the application with the SQL server. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Performance. It reduces the communication latency between the SQL Server and the SourceAnywhere Server, thus improving the speed.
  • Easy installation and configuration. SourceAnywhere Server requires permissions to read and write its backend database. Setting them up on the same machine makes the permissions configuration much easier.
  • Features that help:

o   SourceAnywhere has low system requirements. Its performance is well optimized, and it only occupies a minimum amount of system resources.

o   Installation of SourceAnywhere Server does not require a reboot of the host machine.

o   Licensing mode – SourceAnywhere is licensed based on the number of client-side developers. The number of CPUs on the server side has no impact on the price. So you don’t need to worry that the database server hardware configuration might increase the licensing cost.

  • If your company does not have one dedicated server machine, you do not need to buy one for SourceAnywhere. Getting a new server increases:

o   Administration overhead (installation, maintenance, rack- space, energy, operating system licenses, backup licenses, etc.)

o   Hardware cost

If your company policy does not allow installing applications on the database server, SourceAnywhere works well, too. Here is a knowledge base article on this topic:

How to connect to a remote SQL Server while installing SourceAnywhere Server?


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