What Makes Our Customers Entrust Their Documents with Dynamic Web TWAIN?

Last Updated on 2021-07-04

As a browser-based document imaging SDK, Dynamic Web TWAIN is integrated into various workflows where scanning is an important step. A great portion of the scanned documents contains confidential and critical information, making security a top priority when selecting an image capture solution.

Over the last 15+ years, Dynamic Web TWAIN has been chosen by thousands of well-known enterprises and organizations, including Lockheed Martin, IBM, HP, the US Government, and many others. What makes our customers entrust their documents with Dynamic Web TWAIN? In this article, we will go through these security features.

1. A random ID is assigned when the Web TWAIN control is initialized. This random ID works similarly to a session ID. When an application tries to view the images, it will need to provide this ID.
For example,

2. Support for Windows Authentication, Forms Authentication, and Basic Authentication.


3. Scanned image data or cached scanned data is encrypted and only accessible by Dynamsoft’s scanning service.

4. Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK Windows Edition supports SSL for FTP/HTTP uploading and downloading. Mac Edition supports SSL for HTTP uploading and downloading.

5. Proxy connections supported. There is no need for customers to reconfigure their firewalls.


6. Limit access to a scanner device to the registered web scanning application only. This is done by matching the current website domain to the registered domain in the product key.


7. Compatible with Data Execution Prevention (DEP), which can be configured in Control Panel\System and Security\System\Advanced System Setting\Advanced (tab)\Settings (button) \ Data Execution Prevention (tab).


8. Compatible with Protected Mode.


9. ActiveX Control is digitally signed by VeriSign.
10. ActiveX Edition marked safe for initializing and scripting.


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