Industries Using Dynamsoft Documents Imaging SDKs

Industries Using Dynamsoft Documents Imaging SDKs

Dynamsoft provides a full suite of software development tools to help build scan and capture components in advanced document management applications for whichever platform is needed: desktop, web, and mobile. Dynamsoft solutions are relied upon across a variety of industries and by well-known brands. Dynamsoft provides software tools to implement document scanning, camera capture, PDF viewing, and annotation, or barcode reading and OCR.


Quickly scan patient forms and other documents to extract patient information with barcode reading or OCR. Drastically reduce the need for manual data entry.  Yeats Clinical™ is an EHR cloud software solution, it helps physicians, clinicians and primary care providers streamline healthcare practice operations to:

  • Save time
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Profitability
  • Improve the quality of patient care

With help from Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK, users of Yeats Clinical’s DMS module can scan all patient documents and upload them directly to cloud storage.

  • Allows providers and nurses across a practice to share scanned patient documents
  • Helps ensure documents don’t go missing on local computers and helps avoid missing papers
  • Makes scanned documents easy to find and manage while reducing the amount of paperwork to be done.  Compassionate Health Options has 15 wellness counseling facilities throughout Northern California. Its staff consists of a mix of 60 physicians and other employees.  Compassionate Health Options regularly uses a document management web app to more efficiently process necessary documents. Using the web app is as simple as clicking a ‘scan’ button. Of course there are also options to customize captured documents prior to saving them. This includes cropping images, multi-page scanning, and resolution and color selection.


  • Quickly digitize paper documents with access to the Zebra Loans
  • Convert multiple files into one PDF for sharing and easy archiving  Everteam.mea provides its finance customers with its es.content solutions for enterprise content management. It covers the complete content acquisition cycle, from capture and editing to storage and sharing. Everteam.mea switched to using Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK to develop the scanning module so it could seamlessly ensure cross-browser support.   Today, users realize increased productivity, reduced overhead and shortened implementation times resulting from a paperless office. The application is designed to provide advanced batch capture workflows using a web-based pipeline, with support for scanning from all common browsers.  Croton Group’s Edrawback application was developed to ensure organizations fully leverage their opportunity to reclaim import / re-export fees – drawbacks.  The Edrawback application can help Croton Group fulfill a clear mission. On average, it’s estimated up to 85 percent of legally available drawbacks aren’t claimed. Therefore, after a period they are forfeited to the government. The Edrawback application, with comprehensive document scan and document management capabilities, helps organizations make sense of the related paperwork. So organizations can optimize their drawback procedures.


Document scanning and webcam capture provide an easy-to-integrate solution for the public sector to capture customer documents and photos quickly. Makes digital image asset easy for storage and sharing across agencies.  Intranet Quorum®, or IQ, is Lockheed Martin’s web-based, out-of-the-box enterprise contact management and workflow system for government offices. It is widely used by leading federal agencies, the United States Congress, and numerous state and local government organizations.  With help from Dynamic Web TWAIN, IQ scans all paper documents and uploads them directly to a central web server. This allows users in offices across the country to share scanned documents and ensures those documents don’t go missing on local hard drives. It makes scanned documents easy to find and manage while reducing the amount of paper being pushed from desk to desk.   The company wanted a solution that eliminates having to install scanning software on individual computers and offers scanning capabilities to all customers. The scan solution also needed to be fully integrated and easy to use.  In their document management application, Tyler Technologies needs to provide an image viewer with scanning functionality for numerous local county government agency end users.  Dynamsoft’s SDK provided the instant capabilities that were sought after and more. Now a user can easily select a new document button, then choose a document type (such as a student record, W-2, citation, etc.), and then select the scan button to capture a document. Once the user completes the data entry they can then conveniently save and close the file. This scanning capability was provided by the SDK, which was integrated in just a few days’ time instead of spending several additional months to develop one.


Dynamsoft’s document imaging SDKs are used in many paper-intense industries including financial, government, healthcare, and more. The company’s document scan SDKs serve as a core document capture mechanism for thousands of document management applications. Read our case studies to learn about other industries that use Dynamsoft’s scanning and imaging SDKs.

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