How TeachingBooks™ uses Barcode Scanning to Enrich Students’ Reading Experiences

How TeachingBooks™ uses Barcode Scanning to Enrich Students’ Reading Experiences

Adding New Layers and Dimensions to Reading

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with TeachingBooks™ ⁠— a company predicated on giving students more insights and opportunities about the books they’re reading. Their mission is to use their platform to deepen the reader’s understanding and joy of books. They currently offer more than 164,000 digital resources that empower readers to:

  • Connect with a book on a deeper level
  • Gain insights and understanding
  • Reinforce cultural authenticity and perspectives with diverse books
  • Cultivate a life-long love of reading
  • Integrating Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

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Integrating Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader JavaScript Edition, TeachingBooks was able to embed barcode reading functionality into the homepage. It works with webcam and Chromebook cameras as well as smartphone cameras. 2019-07-19 15_32_05-Document1 - Word Using the glyph, readers can scan the book’s ISBN barcode and retrieve a trove of resources from their database. TeachingBooks Dynamsoft Barcode Reader With both original and curated content, a student can learn more about a book and the author through:

  • Author bios
  • Author interviews
  • Book guides
  • Activities and lessons
  • Book readings
  • Pronunciations
  • Vocab lists

TeachingBooks Dynamsoft Barcode Reader TeachingBooks Dynamsoft Barcode Reader Readers can also create reading lists, add comments or notes, share, and discover more books by that author, or similar books. TeachingBooks fundamentally understands that a reading experience can go far beyond the text on a page. By offering insights and discoveries that only technologies can provide, they hope to inspire and educate generations to come.

Try Dynamsoft Barcode Reader Today

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader helps educational institutes at all levels – from start-ups to accredited universities. Our JavaScript API is based on WebAssembly technology. It supports real-time localization and decoding of various barcode types and reads multiple barcodes in one image. The library is capable of scanning barcodes from static images as well as directly from live video streams. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, you can develop a robust web application. Ready to see how Dynamsoft Barcode Reader can work with your application? Try Dynamsoft Barcode Reader today with our Online Demo, or start your 30-day trial. DBR-JS-CTA

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