Best Source Control Tool for Small Team and Solo Developer

“Besides Visual Studio, SourceAnywhere Standalone is the best software investment I ever made.” — Les Pinter, Microsoft MVP SourceAnywhere is SQL Server based version control software designed for both local and distributed teams. It is the best version control system for small teams. If you are just looking for an easy source control system and worry…

The Web-Based Issue Tracker | Bug Tracking Software

Issue Tracking Anywhere is a web-based, bug & issue tracking system designed for work item tracking, project tracking, customer support and software development. Web-based Architecture • Powerful Query • Highly Customizable • Easy, Efficient and Flexible SaaS as the Delivery Model 24/7 Web Access from Anywhere Server Hosted in a World Class Data Center Unlimited…

Get paid for your opinion about Dynamsoft products

Thanks for all your continued support all these years. In the spirit of our 5-year anniversary celebration, we are inviting YOU to share your experience with Dynamsoft services. There are 2 programs available:

Product Review Program
Referral Program

How to Scan Documents from Chrome, Firefox, Safari & other Browsers

Scan documents from chrome, firefox, safari, linux, and others

We receive a lot of requests from customers stating they are developing a web-based system that will use JavaScript/JQuery for the client-side and PHP for the server side. Their system enables users to scan documents from a browser using the client side scanner, edit, and then upload images to a database on the server. However, their users might use:…

Agile Source Control Software

Many well-known corporations rely on SourceAnywhere for version control management of their source code. Join them today.                   more SourceAnywhere is agile source control software designed for local and remote development teams. It’s developed with security being the top priority. On top of password policy, HTTPs connection and other common security…

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