Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.0 JavaScript Edition is Released!

NEW Added the capability to enable/disable the torch/flashlight of a mobile device (when available, only Chrome on Android). Added APIs for finer video control. These APIs are getAllCameras, getCurrentCamera, setCurrentCamera, getResolution, setResolution. IMPROVED Updated algorithm to 7.0. Updated default runtimeSettings for BarcodeScanner. Improved 1D barcode decoding accuracy by comparing results from multiple frames. Improved the…

[Case Study]TicketSwap uses Dynamsoft DBR to Validate Ticket Authenticity

TicketSwap is a consumer-to-consumer platform designed to provide a safe, convenient, and fair place to buy and sell e-tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, theatres, etc. TicketSwap has been active for over five years with an ever-evolving platform. To process all the tickets uploaded by sellers and prevent tickets from being sold twice, TicketSwap needed…

[Case Study]Notarius uses Dynamsoft DBR to provide Legally Valid and Verifiable Documents

Notarius provides solutions to create legally reliable electronic documents using eSignature and trusted digital identities. They also provide simple ways to validate the document’s reliability, both electronic or printed. Notarius’ application works by accepting a scanned PDF with a barcode (PDFs are converted to high-resolution images), or an image of a barcode. The application then…

Reading Damaged Barcodes

read damaged barcode

Improving accuracy and decoding rate remains a top priority for developers working with barcode reading SDKs. While configuration tweaks and improvements in the algorithm can result in drastic improvements, end users can also play a significant role by improving the image resolution at the time the image is taken, ensuring adequate quiet zone, and avoiding…

What are the Best Barcode Reader SDKs?

best barcode reader sdk

Looking for the best barcode reader SDK for your application, but aren’t sure how to evaluate the different options, and what considerations you should be making? You’ve come to the right place. There are more than a dozen commercial-grade barcode reader SDKs on the market and it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to analyze them all….

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