Ultimate Enabling Technologies Behind Electronic Health Records [eBook series 1 of 6]

dynamsoft ebook-series-1-of-6

Most organizations continue to experience paperwork inefficiencies and the healthcare industry is arguably the top suffering sector for it. Thus, whether by regulation or not, healthcare organizations are more and more desperate for relief from paperwork via electronic health record (EHR) solutions. In this blog series, we will dissect the intricacies when navigating this field…

Intelligent Warehouse Management Solution with Barcode Scanning

Intelligent Warehouse Management Solution with Barcode Scanning

Businesses are turning to intelligent warehouse management to vastly improve efficiencies by leveraging automation. Computer vision technology empowers many businesses to track goods with proven-reliable barcode labels. But, what are some considerations to get started with barcode-based intelligent warehouse management? How a Modern Intelligent Warehouse Works To move beyond manual tracking, a modern intelligent warehouse…

Enable Retail Self-Checkout with a Barcode Reader SDK

retail self-checkout

Retail store self-checkouts are well-established, and for many reasons. There are clear business advantages to a retailer. As a result, adoption of self-checkout technology is booming. So, why should customers also like them? Customers benefit in a few ways. Customers that prefer self-checkout lines leave cashiers more available for customers that prefer going to human…

JavaScript Barcode Reader Coming Soon

In version 6.3.0, our team compiled the C++ module of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader to WebAssembly, so that users can scan barcode with JavaScript at client-side. The new JavaScript edition is not matured, in that we are still juggling between speed and stability. Currently, we are releasing it as a preview, with two builds. [update in…

3 Best Practice Tips for Effective Mobile Content Capture

mobile capture tips

Mobile content capture continues to grow as more and more, smartphones are being used as primary devices. As Statista points out, automatic data capture solutions are regularly deployed for factory, warehouse, and logistics applications, and include both handheld and stationary bar code scanning and imaging devices, as well as bar code printers, and mobile computing solutions that…

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