Dynamic Web TWAIN 11.0 with HTML5 Support for Mac and IE is Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that Dynamic Web TWAIN 11.0, the web-based TWAIN scanning SDK, is now available! Many improvements have been introduced in this major update. Here we will introduce some highlights of the new version. HTML5 TWAIN Scanning on Mac This new version includes HTML5 TWAIN scanning support for Safari v7+, Chrome v27+…

Document Imaging and Uploading With Dynamic Web TWAIN and Node.js

How to implement a simple Web application for document imaging and uploading with Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK (DWT) and Node.js? Download and Installation Dynamic Web TWAIN download Node.js download Creating a Web Server with Node.js Run your command line tool to install two Node.js modules: Create a file server.js, and make the initialization: Load static resources, such as image…

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