[Case Study] How Everteam.mea Achieved Cross-browser Scanning Easily with Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK

THE DEVELOPMENT TASK – CROSS-BROWSER SCANNING For more than 20 years Everteam, based in France, has delivered software and services for enterprise content management (ECM). Everteam.mea makes up Everteam’s presence in the Middle East and Africa targeting vertical application strategies with major players in key markets. These markets include finance and banking, insurance, energy and utilities,…

4 Trends for Image Capture in Document Management to Close Out 2014

Dynamsoft contributed an article to Document Magazine that ran Sept 4, 2014. Start reading it below. The image capture market encompasses so many applications: cameras, digital copiers, imaging equipment, scanners and more. These applications are now ubiquitously applied in mission-critical roles across different industries, including healthcare, entertainment, finance, government and many more. There is no doubt the image…

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