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  • Introduction to Dynamsoft OCR SDK

    Introduction to OCR What is OCR OCR (optical character recognition) is software used by a computer to recognize text in a graphic format and turn it into computer text, which can be read and edited normally. For example, one might take a picture of a car’s license plate, and OCR...

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  • How to Scan Documents and Extract Text

    Read Text from Scanned PDFs or Other Images in ASP.NET In this fast-paced world, customers expect work to be delivered in a short time. We often hear from anxious customers who have an urgent project that needs to be completed quickly. If their project involves scanning documents that contain images,...

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  • OCR SDK: Convert Image to Text

    Dynamsoft has a complete C++ OCR library to assist you in converting images to text. With an optical character recognition (OCR) library, you can extract text from scanned images or PDF documents to edit, save, or reuse it. You can produce searchable PDF documents. Dynamsoft offers two OCR engines: OCR...

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