Build a Web Page to Scan Documents to PDF in Just 5 Minutes

If you are developing a web application that will require the capability to deal with different digital file formats, chances are PDF will be a must-have file format. PDF is short for Portable Document Format. Long ago introduced by Adobe, this format allows you to take care of the design of a document no matter…

How to Create an Online Barcode Scanner Application in JavaScript and HTML

To learn how to create an online barcode scanner application in JavaScript and HTML, please refer to the developer guide below:  

Capture Images from Scanner and Webcam in JavaScript

  It’s a common requirement for document/records management applications to capture images from both web cameras and scanners via web browsers. For instance, an electronic medical record application will have a patient’s photograph taken at the check-in desk, then stored with the patient’s scanned medical documents in the database. You can easily implement web-based document…

How to Use JavaScript IntelliSense of Dynamic Web TWAIN in Visual Studio to Code Faster

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK was designed to help developers build web-based document scanning application efficiently. Since version 10.1, we added JavaScript IntelliSense to help increase your productivity. What is JavaScript IntelliSense? According to MSDN, “IntelliSense helps you write code faster and with fewer errors by providing information while you code. As you work with client…

Making Web-based Document Imaging Apps in 2 Minutes

The video tutorial shows how to quickly develop a Web-based document scanning application with Dynamic Web TWAIN (JavaScript & HTML5) in 2 minutes.

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