Making Web-based Document Imaging Apps in 2 Minutes

The video tutorial shows how to quickly develop a Web-based document scanning application with Dynamic Web TWAIN (JavaScript & HTML5) in 2 minutes. Download free 30-day trial Download sample codes to scan, edit and upload in a web app

[Deprecated] How to Add a Barcode to an Image in a Web Application

Note: This blog post is based on a retired product ImageCapture Suite. There is no replacement for now. Download Sample Code Download ImageCapture Suite 30-day Free Trial Introduction Barcodes, especially QR codes, are widely used in modern society. Nowadays, when you go to a shopping mall, you can see many stores promoting commodities with QR…

Custom ActiveX Event for IE 11

Microsoft’s IE 11 has been released for a while now. The new version of Internet Explorer, which has been redesigned with many new features, is excellent on performance. However, it removes some old features that may cause compatibility problems for ActiveX based web application, such as the document scanning online demo for Dynamic Web TWAIN….

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