What is OCR and Ideal Settings to Maximize Extraction for Meaningful Data

There are a myriad of technology enablers to help organizations go paperless. Among the top considerations is optical character recognition technology (OCR technology). OCR is a powerful tool that is often part of any document management system (DMS). But, how can organizations ensure they get the most out of it? What’s All the Fuss About…

Dynamsoft Camera SDK 2.0 for Android Mobile Capture Released

Dynamsoft Camera SDK 2.0 for Android mobile capture released

We are happy to announce the release of version 2.0 of Dynamsoft Camera SDK for Android. The mobile capture SDK enables you to integrate image and document capture in your Android apps quickly. With the built-in document detection and image processing, your app users will be able to capture scanner-quality images using their mobile phones….

Dynamsoft Mobile Browser Capture SDK Now Available!

mobile browser capture

Easily integrate mobile web capture and upload in your app We’re happy to announce that Dynamsoft Mobile Browser Capture SDK is now available. The light-weight pure JavaScript SDK enables you to easily integrate image or document capture from mobile cameras, image viewing/editing and HTTP(s) uploading to your web application. Combined with Dynamic Web TWAIN, the…

What is Mobile Content Capture

Traditional content capture in the enterprise used to consist of digitizing paper-based documents into images by scanning them and saving them to storage. While this was a step in the right direction for archiving back then, it’s still very limiting. Whether paper or a JPEG file, the content was essentially locked in. One could only…

[Deprecated]Achieve Cross-Platform Web Scanning with Dynamic Web TWAIN V12.0

cross platform scan with Dynamic Web TWAIN 12.0

We are pleased to announce the release of version 12.0 of Dynamic Web TWAIN, the JavaScript TWAIN scanning library for your Web application. The new version includes multiple new features and improvements that facilitate your development of web-based document scanning solutions to satisfy your users’ needs. Web Scan from Any Platform without Extra Installations The…

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