What Can Be Done Within 10 Minutes [Infographic]

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The Anatomy of Guide Program in Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.1

Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.1 now includes a guide program, as shown in figure 1, to help newbies get familiar with the SDK rapidly. In this tutorial, we will anatomize the program to see what features it includes. Figure 1 Language Selection C# and VB.NET are both available. No matter which programming language you choose, their…

Webcam Capture in C#: Easiest Way to Take Images from Your Webcams

Webcams, as an easy & cost-effective way to take images from video stream, is widely used in the business world. To save your time & energy to integrate webcam capture to your WinForms application, Dynamsoft developed the Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK. With it, you can develop a web camera capture module in C# with a few lines…

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