Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK Edition Comparison


Interested in integrating barcode reading into your application, but find the process overwhelming or confusing? You’ve come to the right place. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK supports multiple platforms, frameworks, and programming languages. In this post, we discuss the various supported languages and platforms to help you choose which edition(s) are the most suitable for your…

How to Integrate Webcam Capture in a PHP Application?

Want to enable users to capture pictures from within your PHP application? You can easily achieve it with a JavaScript webcam library like Dynamsoft Camera SDK. In this article, we will show you how to show live video stream, do online webcam capture and upload the images to a web server in a PHP application by…

How to Scan Documents in PHP Applications

php dynamic web TWAIN

How to interact with TWAIN scanners in a PHP Application PHP is a popular server-side language and it cannot interact with scanners attached to client computers directly. With the continued growth of digitization of documents, scanning capabilities are important in PHP environments. To implement document scanning in your PHP web applications, you can use an HTML5/JavaScript…

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