[Case Study] How to Quickly Deliver Document Scanning for an EHR Web Solution

document scanning in EHR

THE SCENARIO A global market-leading company provides advanced technological solutions that include radiology and cardiovascular workflow software. This company has been offering radiology management software for more than a decade. For the latest version, the company sought to include advanced document workflow management and convenience features including: Cross-browser document scanning Simple UI Support for numerous…

[Case Study] Dynamsoft Image Capture Software Used in New Fujifilm Radiology Management Solution

Dynamsoft SDK Adds More Editing, Save and Sharing, and Other Image Management Capabilities VANCOUVER, BC–(Feb. 17, 2014) – One of Dynamsoft’s image capture software development kits (SDK) has been used to develop and implement image capture capabilities in FUJIFILM Medical Systems’ most recent version of Synapse® RIS radiology management software. The new version 6.3 helps medical…

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