Build a Web Page to Scan Documents to PDF in Just 5 Minutes

If you are developing a web application that will require the capability to deal with different digital file formats, chances are PDF will be a must-have file format. PDF is short for Portable Document Format. Long ago introduced by Adobe, this format allows you to take care of the design of a document no matter…

Building a Document Management Solution: Do it from Scratch or Use 3rd Party SDKs?

Buy it or build it? Today, this is an age-old question in the IT world. The mere outcome of one versus the other can yield grand differences in the scope of desired benefits, cost, and time to accomplish. This major decision is one many organizations also face when deciding upon a document management solution (DMS)….

Congratulations to Dynamsoft Scanning SDK Customer Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered Dynamsoft scanning SDK customer contest.  We have received many submissions of user cases of our imaging SDKs (Dynamic Web TWAIN, ImageCapture Suite and Dynamic .NET TWAIN). The use cases are from different industries, including Healthcare, Insurance, Financial, Manufacturing and more. We are very impressed with your innovative solutions built with…

Tutorial: How to Use Dynamsoft SAWS COM SDK in C++

Abstract: The Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone COM Software Development Kit (SDK) enables us to integrate Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone functionality with your Windows application that is written in a language which supports Microsoft’s Component Object Model. More specifically, here in this article, we will describe how to integrate the Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone functionality into our C++ programs….

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