TIFF Size Compressed by 60% in Dynamic Web TWAIN v14.3.1

Dynamsoft TWAIN TIFF format

Dynamic Web TWAIN v14.3.1 introduced a new compression algorithm to the TIFF format. When a user exports scanned documents to a one-page or multi-page TIFF file, the size will now be reduced by 50%~60%. Some early adopters expressed appreciation for this update: “With this version, the scanned documents are approximately 64% smaller than with version…

How to Efficiently Archive Your Files for the Long-Run with PDF/A

Electronic Documents Provide for Long-Term Preservation In document-intensive companies and government agencies, traditional archiving methods for documents include paper, microfilm and microfiche. Today, businesses and governments are migrating from paper documents to digital for long-term preservation. For example, in healthcare, the US government has been publicly vocal about the need to adopt digital documentation in…

Ideal Document File Formats for Digital Document Management

More and more companies and institutions are implementing digital document management systems for daily work processes to improve efficiency and save money. To ensure an optimal problem-free system, it’s often a good idea to implement standards-based technologies. For example, you’ll probably want to use TWAIN as the application programming interface (API) for capturing images. After…

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