How to Use JavaScript IntelliSense of Dynamic Web TWAIN in Visual Studio to Code Faster

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK was designed to help developers build web-based document scanning application efficiently. Since version 10.1, we added JavaScript IntelliSense to help increase your productivity. What is JavaScript IntelliSense? According to MSDN, “IntelliSense helps you write code faster and with fewer errors by providing information while you code. As you work with client…

Scan and Upload Documents in Web TWAIN and Go

Download and Installation Dynamic Web TWAIN download Go download Creating a Web Server in Go Create a file server.go, and open it in your editor. Add the main function: The function handFile is used to load Web resources (HTML, CSS and etc.). The function uploadHandler is used to receive the uploaded images. 2014 is the port number. Read more >>

How to OCR Scanned Images to Text In ASP.NET

  Read Text from Scanned PDF or Other Images in ASP.NET  It’s a fast-paced world. Customers expect the work to be delivered in a short time. We often hear from anxious customers that it’s an urgent project that needs to be completed in a month. This is what Dynamic Web TWAIN is designed for –…

Roadmap of Dynamic Web TWAIN

V11.1 Scheduled release date: to be decided Features to be introduced: HTML5 Support for Microsoft Edge browser Webcam & barcode add-on for Mac OSX V11.0 Release date: July 23, 2015 Features introduced: HTML5 support for Safari v7+, Chrome v27+ and Firefox v27+ on Mac OS X 10.6 or later HTML5 support for Internet Explorer 10…

Preview Version of Dynamic Web TWAIN Plugin Edition for Chrome is released!

I am pleased to announce that preview version of Dynamic Web TWAIN Plugin Edition for Chrome is now available! The new solution is implemented with HTML5, which means there is no need to install a plugin/extension for document scanning within Chrome. It brings a new way for data transmission between Web browsers and TWAIN scanners….

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